At Ubiflow
we love dealing with data-feeds.

Over the past 12 years we have gathered the most enthusiastic people who care about delivering the best content data they can to classifieds portals and web-publishers.

Wherever these data come from: small car-dealers, the next door estate agent or large group of realtors or even banks, Ubiflow can help enhance your clients’ data-feeds and provide your portals with superb ads content for a greater user experience.

Having trouble in retrieving quality data-feeds for your website?

Not enough flexibility and adaptability to set-up all your new clients’ data-feeds within a reasonable timeframe?

Wish your had more staff signing new clients rather than trying to fix old ones?

Ubiflow has a solution for your business: it’s EASY BUSINESS.

Call us or e-mail us, we’ll be happy to share some good news and explain how EASY BUSINESS could be a real benefit for your company.

1 Ubiflow becomes your technical partner in retrieving all listings directly from your clients. 2 We treat and qualify the listings and send them to your portal.

3 Your clients' up-to-date listings appear on your portal.
Client support is provided.

Who are we?

Ubiflow is the n°1 data-feeds management company in Europe. Since 2002, we feed over 600 portals and publishers and we shape for them some 26 million listings everyday: real estate and automotive portals, job boards, classifieds websites, local search media, mobile application, regional and national newspapers, and more.

We are NOT CRM or ERP providers and we are not web publishers either. We provide data-feeds management solutions. We do this only and we do it well.

Our mission is to comply with and manage any type of data format whatever the source or the destination for the benefit of any media. Thanks to a unique and patented technology combined with the finest team of data-feeds experts, Ubiflow offer a premium combination of technological & customer-care in the world of classifieds. To us volume and quality are NOT incompatible.

Some figures:

60 data-feeds experts at your service

500 software providers are connected to us

650 publishers and portals receive daily our quality feeds

30 000 professional advertisers

26 million ads managed and transferred every day

Case study:

Client is the leading French specialised market place for used cars on the internet.


Fix the instability and complexity of the numerous data-feeds they receive. Improve their technical relationship with data suppliers and their productivity. Optimise their upload compatibility with the largest panel of software providers for car dealers. Supply their automated listing solution to more clients and enlarge the volume of used cars to be showcased.


With Easy Business and its compatibility amidst most of the car dealers IT platforms on the French market, we have created a specific gateway to where each professional advertiser can connect whatever the CRM they use to manage and promote their vehicles. A Client-Care team is also looking after each account Ubiflow transfers data from making sure every single vehicle shows the most stable, accurate and up-to-date content on

Results now benefits from a solid technical pipeline with their clients and can retrieve all data-feeds from most car dealers in the country. They showcases over 280 000 used cars on their site and have strengthened their position as clear French motors on-line vertical.